Decreasing Influence of Gartner & The Yankee Group

Great post from Jason Corsello about the lessening influence of Gartner and The Yankee Group.

Sounds like Jason is tasked with developing a different kind of “open architecture” analyst group at Knowledge Infusion. One that is open, has major community input and involvement, etc. Different from the existing pay-to-play models.

I am a huge believer in this approach. Disintermediation of the manufacturer and analyst by the users finding and having conversations with each other. This transition is already under full swing in in the consumer product marketing. Blogs, newsgroups & forums have become the most important source of buyer/user intelligence for many categories including high-end autos, digi cams, cellphones, pharma and many other categories.

I am a longtime newsgroup user, and helped a friend of mine launch a company (MotiveQuest) several years ago to harvest and analyze all the conversations on the web about a particular brand or product in order to draw high level insight on what to do next.

These services are being utilized by a Who’s Who of consumer marketing including Microsoft, Ford, GM, Adidas, Porsche, Audi, DuPont, Nike, Wellpoint, Citigroup, Motorola, Sprint, etc, etc. There was a story in the WSJ about it today Tapping Into Customer’s Online Chatter.

It is about time somebody thought about this approach for the B to B/Software/ERP community.

The Human Capitalist » The Lessening Influence of Gartner


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