The Millennials – by Fake Steve Jobs

OK, there is way too much chatter about how different the Millennials are. I just don’t buy it. But instead of writing a long, boring post about it – let me introduce you to one of my personal favorite blogs Fake Steve Jobs.

He starts this post about Fortune magazine – but goes off on a rant about “The Millennials” – and get it just right. (Caution – strong language involved!)

Millennials Rant

“Story is about how hard it is to deal with these crazy Gen Y kids because they’re so different from the rest of us. How so? Well, see, these kids who are just getting out of college today are all super idealistic and filled with loads of self-esteem (read: they really think they’re la leche) and they’re total rule-breakers, man, who won’t settle for anything less than cool meaningful jobs with bosses who totally respect and admire them and think everything they do is super special. Whew! Wow! What’s that all about, eh? ”



2 Responses to The Millennials – by Fake Steve Jobs

  1. Ryan says:


    I have never seen this! Thanks for pointing it out.

    Obviously this guy is on a bit of the generic anti-millennial rant, but I will say he has some good points. I’d say a lot of us are “super idealistic.” I think that’s a good thing. We’ve seen sh!+ hit the fan throughout our teen and young-adult lives and still managed to stay optimistic about our futures. Kind of a miracle, don’t you think?

    And yes, we do want cool, meaning ful jobs (who in their right mind doesn’t?), but what we really want from a boss is not for them to think we’re “super cool,” but for them to give us guidance. Having their respect is very important to us (we all want to be respected), but the admiration is all on our end…unless you suck at managing and won’t give us the time of day .

    This stuff is really nothing new, is what I consider the hub of all the chatter, but I certainly should spend some time talking to Fake Steve as well.

    Thanks again!

  2. tomob says:


    Thanks for the comment – and of course FSJ is over the top – but there is a nugget of truth there. We all want the same thing- challenging, meaningful, rewarding work for which we are well paid and recognized.


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