The Talent Factor in Purchasing

 Interesting article from McKinsey about competencies already discussed by Donald H. Taylor and SystematicHR.

What is interesting is that the particular qualities highlighted as the most important competencies have nothing whatsoever to do with purchasing:

“Top purchasers hire better people for sourcing roles, set clearer performance aspirations for these people, and create strong purchasing cultures that align the purchasing function with corporate strategy.”

Try substituting HR Executives or Marketers or CIO’s for Purchasers and see how the sentence reads.

The McKinsey Quarterly


One Response to The Talent Factor in Purchasing

  1. It’s a fair point, Tom. Very often when organisations begin tackling competencies and high-performance HR practices there’s a tendency to say “We can’t use the standard methods / competencies, we’re different here.”

    What we usually find is that the difference between organisations is far less than what they have in common – and as you point out, key competencies for good managerial performance are almost universal. This is a point that is brought out quite well in that recent McBassi report (

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