Google Health

Interesting post (Nov ’06) by Google’s Adam Bosworth about HCIS.

Official Google Blog: Health care information matters

And a post reporting his comments (yesterday) at the 4th Annual World Health Care Congress

World Health Care Blog

What will Google Health be? Can they really give consumers access to and control over their health information and medical records? Would you trust them?


2 Responses to Google Health

  1. CureHunter says:

    Just wanted to mention our patient activist and physician oriented Health Search startup “CureHunter“. One of our main design goals is to bring patients and physicians closer to the research so they can make the most educated decisions possible and truly begin to practice Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in real-time.

    …without giving anyone your medical records!

    Please check it out if you get the chance.

  2. Barbara says:

    I have green color coming from my nipple, when you squeeze it juice comes out. Would you know what it is. Thank you

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