Connecticut’s still-born single payer plan

Managed Care Matters – Connecticut’s still-born single payer plan

Great post from Joe Paduda about CT’s single payer plan. The essence?

Politicians were shocked by the estimated total cost, which ranged from $12 billion to $18 billion.

I’m shocked that they were shocked.

My home state has just over 3 million citizens. At $4000 per person, that’s $12 billion; at $6000 per person, it’s $18 billion. I don’t know what’s more troubling – for politicians to not know that health care costs between $4000 and $6000 per person, or that we have about 3 million folks living here.

Reminds me of my ealier post about the NYT Survey on how many people would be willing to pay $500 more per year of taxes for universal healthcare. (Shockingly only around 60% were willing.)

Most Support US Guarantee of Health Care

Tom O’B


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