HR Goes from Cost Reduction to Talent Management?

I just gave this press release from NelsonHall a quick read thru – and call me cynical, but where is the news here?  And do you really believe that TM will be more important than Cost Reduction for HR departments?    In my experience, it is a rare company that not only says this, but does it.  Finally, in the summary below, number three suggests an increase in HR personnel and number 4 suggests a decrease.  Which one is it?

In summary the key HR initiatives identified by NelsonHall for 2007 are:

— Talent management initiatives, including improvements to recruitment processes, changing remuneration schemes to reduce staff turnover, new training initiatives, improved identification of, and reward for, good performance, improvements to absence management procedures, and employee turnover reduction initiatives

— Streamlining HR processes, and rebalancing the location of HR service delivery. The latter involves both the development of common processes and the centralization of HR and also increasingly the introduction of local HR staff to assist in removing the barriers between HR and employees

— Cost reduction initiatives including reducing numbers of HR personnel and rationalizing benefits costs

— Sourcing initiatives to rebalance HR services between internal and external service delivery.

NelsonHall Says HR Departments are Refocusing from Cost Reduction to Improving End-to-End Talent Management


2 Responses to HR Goes from Cost Reduction to Talent Management?

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