Technology & Consumerism

OK, this article has been out there for a while (12/06) but it makes an interesting point. There are lots of way to introduce “consumerism” into Health Care Plan Design – and lots of approaches that can work. There is also very good reason to do this – 2-yr. median increase of 3% compared to 11.5% for their poor-performing peers – as reviewed in the NBGH/Wyatt survey. But from my (techno-centric) perspective, here is the money quote:

“There is no one formula to create the health-care consumer—effective
employer strategies will vary based on a company’s culture and a workforce’s readiness for change. But there is a common denominator: Successful employers use technology as a tool to obtain timely, reliable information about their populations—to segment employees according to their health status and needs—and as a major vehicle to provide the information employees require to appropriately use health services . “

In other words, good luck implementing these strategies in a paper and pencil environment – or anything where ees do not have access to and control over their own information and tools.


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