2007 Health Care Cost Projections

OK, this is a little old, but I need something out here b/c people are asking . . .

Headline – 6%. And we are so jaded that this (at 200% of CPI) looks good!

2007 Health Care Cost Expectations

In flat-dollar terms, next year’s gross health care expenditure is expected to rise by an average of $518 per employee, to an average total cost of $8,748. Employers are expecting to subsidize 78% of next year’s premium costs, while employees will have to cover the remaining 22%, plus usage-based copays, deductibles and coinsurance.

While the projected growth rate of 6% for 2007 marks the fourth year of slower increases, the cumulative effect of rising costs has produced record highs for employer-sponsored health plans and, consequently, employee contributions. In fact, health care costs have increased by over 60% in just the past five years.

   From Kaiser Family Foundation


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