Cesar: “are fake papers ok” Hiring Manager “that will work”

Immigration Crackdown Targets Bosses This Time – WSJ.com

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Early in April of 2005, a man whose friends knew him as César went looking for a job at a wholesale distribution hub near this upstate village. At a workshop run by IFCO Systems North America Inc., the nation’s biggest recycler of wooden pallets, César let the boss know that he was in the country illegally, but would be trying to buy some fake “papers.”



See the complaint1 filed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement against IFCO managers.

“That will work,” said Robert Belvin, the 42-year old IFCO site manager.

What Mr. Belvin didn’t know was that César was an undercover informant working for federal immigration enforcers. Or that he was wearing a wire.

The conversation — and many others César recorded — helped build a case that is the biggest test so far of a heavily touted government campaign to control illegal immigration.

This is starting to get serious.  The penalites, oversight and reporting requirements will just get more and more onerous until we get control over this issue.  Perhaps there is a communal employer responsibility here?


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