RFPs: How to Select Vendors

Really good article in from SHRM outlining how to analyze vendor RFP’s from both a capability and a financial perspective.  As a vendor – I wish more organizations utilized such a disciplined process!

RFPs: Analyzing Proposals, Selecting Finalists and Making a Decision (2/07)

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After vendor proposals for HR outsourcing services have been received, what do you do next? Below, we will describe how to do the following:

Analyze vendor proposals.
Analyze fee proposals.
Select your finalists.
Perform the due diligence process.
• I
dentify your preferred vendor.
Negotiate the best deal for your organization.


3 Responses to RFPs: How to Select Vendors

  1. J M Sacks says:

    We are looking for feedback on using ADP for HR and Payroll Databases. We have only about 200 employees and so we are looking at Ceridian’s mid-market solution for integrated HR/Payroll product vs. ADP offerings and any other cost-effective solutions.

  2. John37 says:

    New natural gas wells are getting smaller and smaller, so that more and more new wells need to come on line each year, just to stay even. ,

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