OMG Talent Management overtakes Health Care?

Talent management threatens health care as top concern | Total Rewards Survey | Deloitte Consulting | Press Release – Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

Is it possible that something other than health care cost increases can becomre the top concern of HR Professionals?  Looks like talent management is sneaking up . . .

What’s going on here is not a real concern for talent management, but realization that continuous increases in cost and decreases in quality of employer paid health care are making some organizations “uncompetitive” in their total comp practices.  This lack of competitiveness always costs you most on the margins – which means the top performers who have the most job opportunities.

“Controlling health care costs is still a critical issue for employers, but the challenge to juggle these costs while sustaining a high-quality workforce is a trend that won’t be waning any time soon,“ cautions Deloitte Consulting Principal Tim Phoenix, a Human Capital specialist and co-director of the survey. 

Phoenix notes that “while most companies are employing such options as increased consumerism and higher employee responsibility to defray costs, which could account for some of the drop, with the increased concern paid to talent management, employers need to focus their attention in the coming years on tending to the delicate balance of offering quality and comprehensive benefits and employee programs in the most cost-effective ways possible.”


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