Second Life turns BLUE????

Human Resource Executive Online – Story

Great story from Bill Kutik about how IBM is using Second Life to onboard/socialize/train new employees in China, India and the USA.

“Now a decade later, IBM is using a commercially available virtual world called Second Life to onboard new employees in India, orient interns and train salespeople in China, and mentor new hires in the United States with retirees and current employees.”

Seems a little off to me – but then I am not Gen Y or Millenial – and not much of a gamer.  I am a bit of a techno-geek – but nothing like the above mentioned generations.  It shocked me when I made an infrequent stop at a bar the other night and saw almost every person either talking or texting on their phones.  (What’s wrong with the people standing in front of them . . . )


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