HCI Onboarding Conference

I attended the HCI Onboarding conference in Chicago last week. The full title is “Onboarding Socialization: A Progressive Strategy to Retain Results-Driven Employees.

All of the presenters were really good – my old friend Peter Weinberg from Buck – a real pro with lots of depth in HR strategy and strong knowledge of the degree of difficulty of implementing anything globally. Peter has a keen sense of what is required for success in this field.

Judith Glaser – an Organizational Anthropologist – she really understands the human dynamics of complex organizations – and has great experience, insight and approaches for helping people work together more effectively. I will be getting her book The DNA of Leadership for further elucidation.

Next up was Sally Colella who gave a fascinating overview of how SNA (Social Network Analysis) can really help companies figure out what is really going on – how power really flows in the organization. I am very interested in her work as I have other interests in this type of thing ( MotiveQuest ) . Sally also had the *organizational* money quote of the day . . . “culture eats strategy for lunch”. I love that one.

Finally Brian Platz – EVP of SilkRoad Technology– gave us a view into how their technology platform is helping global organizations like Eaton and Freescale streamline the onboarding and HCM process. Really interesting stuff.

I signed up for this event – but wasn’t going to attend because I was too busy doing my day-to-day stuff. I am really glad I did because it really opened my eyes. The battle for talent has always been fierce, but there are some tools and approaches available that can really help you dominate your competition.


12 Responses to HCI Onboarding Conference

  1. Keith Goode says:


    Great posting, I wish I could have been at the conference. I like what HCI is doing. They have a full virtual learning series on OnBoarding:

    I participated as a panelist back in November on After Onboarding – Sustaining Human Capital & Organization Performance webcast.

    As you know Onboarding has been one of the more recent practices to focus on Virtual Socialization. The idea being, the sooner we get a new hire integrated socially the more likely they will stay and become productive even quicker.

    I would argue this is just the tip of the iceberg. Organizations are currently struggling with Human Capital Management (HCM) (Skills Management, Learning Management Performance Management and Compensation Management); however, HCM is still to myopic. In the future it won’t just be about what skills an employee can do or what certifications they hold, but rather who do they know and how do they leverage their network to get the work done. This is where Virtual Socialization will shine.

    This is a great topic and I would like to discuss it further. Thanks for posting this to your blog.

    Keith Goode
    Director, RealLife Services
    RealLife HR

  2. Sally Colella says:

    Hi –

    I just wanted to post my contact information for those who are interested in hearing more about Social Networks Analysis.


    I am glad you enjoyed the presentation.


  3. tomob says:


    Thanks for providing your contact information – I did really enjoy the presentation and think it is an area of research/practice that will yield deeper inderstanding of how organizations work, and how we can effect (affect?) change.

    Tom O’B

  4. Sally Colella says:

    We are going to repeat this panel discussion in New York on May 9. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will send you an invitation.

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