“Dreamworks” as a perfect (employer) brand

systematicHR – Human Resources Strategy and Human Resources Technology » “Dreamworks” as a perfect brand

Interesting subject, and one I have been thinking about a lot lately.  Large organizations need to have an “employee brand”.  This employee brand is the core value proposition for employees.  It encapsulates and ennunciates the reasons why they choose to work for a given employer.

In a large organization the HR team will have many initiatives spanning  recruiting, retention,  compensation, performance, development, training, benefits, etc.  All of these should be “informed by” and consistent with the “employee brand”.

In the best organizations I have worked for, there was a strong “employee brand” which attracted and retained the best people, and also helped guide our work.  I think HR Departments would benefit from thinking about what their “employee brand” is and aligning efforts to ensure that it is continually re-inforced.


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