Redefining the Implementation Process for OnDemand

Knowledge Infuser: Redefining the Implementation Process for OnDemand

Neither the vendors nor customers have optimized implementation methodologies that are redesigned for the OnDemand world.

Great post from Knowledge Infuser – my take?

OnDemand implementation (right now) is barely different from traditional BPO implementation for most vendors & clients.  For the most part, this is because they are implementing their  legacy applications  with a “new” delivery model.  Redefining the implementation process for OnDeman will require different software architecture and capabilities.

I have been in the HR BPO space since about 1993 and except for adding the web interface there has been little change in the design of the underlying admin systems/applications.  They still require massive  customization to meet the Client’s business requirements.   This can be alleviated by a combination of client flexibility and robust feature sets, but it really demands better architecture.

It demands an architecture that is CONFIGURABLE by the Vendor’s domain experts to meet the business requirements of the client.  It also demands an architecture where all “on-demand” clients run on a single code base.  (Yes, multi-tenant.)

Making money as a vendor in  this “on-demand” world requires much more efficient process and operating procedure.  Configurable software and running a single code base for all clients goes a long way achieving this.

Tom O’Brien


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